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Glacier BLAST

Frozen Dispensed Drinks

Bursting with flavor, Bernick’s is excited to distribute Glacier BLAST, an intense, non-carbonated frozen beverage that appeals to the young and young-at heart! Available in three fruity flavors: Chillin’ Cherry, Blue Blastberry, and Glacial Grape. Glacier BLAST is sure to deliver BIG taste!

Why Glacier BLAST Makes Sense

Installing a Glacier BLAST machine in your establishment can open the door to even more sales opportunities! Glacier BLAST is a well-known and trusted brand with lots of appeal. Not only does the beverage appeal to children of all ages, it drives purchases during off-peak impulse periods. Glacier BLAST provides comprehensive marketing and promotional support to draw traffic to your drink station. Our point-of-purchase materials are both colorful and eye-catching!

Committed to excellence, we offer first-rate equipment and service:

  • All equipment is installed and serviced by Bernick’s factory-trained technicians.
  • We work with all our retail customers to identify opportunities to increase sales.
  • We eliminate concerns about the operation of your Glacier BLAST machine by providing a thorough maintenance program.

For additional information on Glacier BLAST and Glacier BLAST supplies please call Bernick’s.  We look forward to serving you!