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Alcohol Responsibility

Our Commitment to Responsible Use
"As a distributor of adult beverages, Bernick's actively supports legal and moderate use of our beer and wine products."

In conjunction with Miller Brewing, we have made available no-cost materials for parents, educators, retailers and college administrators to help enhance public understanding and to promote responsible use of alcohol. They can be downloaded and viewed by Adobe Acrobat Reader or they can be acquired by contacting:

Public Service Announcements

Listen to some recent radio spots created by Bernick's. Please click on the links below:

• "Prom"
• "Summer in Minnesota"
• "Live Responsibly"
• "Holidays"
• "Graduation"
• "Back to School"
• "Talk to your Teen"
• "St. Patrick's Day"
• "Football Season"
• "Thanksgiving
• "New Years"

Bernick's, together with another local beer distributor, produced this public service announcement (PSA) for broadcast on local cable TV.  Click here to view the video.

Educational / Additional Programs (links located in the left column)

Let's Talk 
Guides to help parents talk to their children about alcohol and responsible decision-making.

Let's Keep Talking
This brochure will help equip parents in guiding their children toward better decision making about alcohol consumption and to remind their teens of society's expectations pertaining to law.

What's the Big Deal?
The laws against providing alcohol to those under 21.

Facts & Conversations

Help prepare the young driver and college student for the responsibilities of new found independence.

Talking to Teens Series
This series of booklets will help teens deal with peer pressure, social events, and the ramifications of underage consumption.

Start Talking Before They Start Drinking
This guide provides facts and practicle advice on how to talk with your children about underage drinking.  It helps you create household rules to support your values.

We Don't Serve Teens
This web site provides parents and others with tools and information to reduce teen drinking and related harm. Click here to view the We Don't Serve Teens site.

Safe Cab and Designated Driver Programs
Bernick's is a co-sponsor of the St. Cloud Hospitality Association's, Safe Cab Program. This program provides free rides home for restaurant and bar patrons 365 days a year.

Law enforcement agencies acknowledge that designated driver and safe cab ride programs like these are one of the primary reasons drunken driving arrests and accidents continue to decline. (Minnesota has the fourth lowest rate of drunken driving fatalities in the US).

Contact Us

For further information or to request hard copies of these brochures email to: or call 320-252-6441 or 800-627-0287 or visit Miller Brewing Alcohol Responsibility and Heineken Alcohol Responsibility web sites.